Cambridge home cinema amplifier with a defect


Cambridge Azur 751R high end audiophile home theater amplifier from 2014.
A colossal 7.1 amp with a reputation for audiophile quality, image processing, and the ability to drive the most demanding speakers.
It has a problem that needs a small repair that can be done by a good handyman: it puts itself in overload regularly. I don't know the real cause of the failure.
New price: 1700 euros.
Invoice and complete instructions.

Condition of equipment

Condition of equipment :

  • Bad Condition, Repairable

Model & finish

Model :

  • Azur 751R

Colour :

  • Black

Weight & dimensions

Weight (kg) :

  • 17

Equipment background

Date of purchase :

  • 2014


Cambridge Audio

Located in the heart of London, Cambridge Audio has had a simple aim since its creation in 1968: to produce audio equipment that accurately creates pure, natural sound.

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