Integrated AUDREAL 3.0


Thanks to these 30W in class A, it allows a beautiful [hidden by AV-Market] drives without worries my Gato Audio fm 15 - 86db/ [hidden by AV-Market] is necessary to privilege the output in XLR to benefit from it and you will see that you will have to lower the potentiometer of volume.a lot of reserve of power and a very clean low register! First of all the transformer of the Audréal 3.0 is a toric of 450VA of exceptional quality. Already very quiet, it is placed in the center of the device under a metal cover to avoid magnetic radiation. The rectification of the DC is then entrusted to eight huge Rubycon capacitors with a capacity of 80,000 MF.As for the inputs, you have the choice between 3 RCA inputs and one XLR input. The switching of the inputs is of course done by relays and the remote control controls both the volume via a motorized ALPS potentiometer and the selection of the [hidden by AV-Market] : one can almost at first confuse it with a tube amp. This amp is extremely warm. The bass goes down very low, but is present without excess. It emerges a perfect balance where no part of the spectrum is too [hidden by AV-Market] at the expense of the buyer.

Condition of equipment

Condition of equipment :

  • Excellent Condition, Impeccable aesthetics

Model & finish

Model :

  • Audreal 3.0

Colour :

  • Grey/Silver

Finish :

  • brillant

Weight & dimensions

Weight (kg) :

  • 20

Dimensions :

  • 42*42*14

Equipment background

Date of purchase :

  • Décembre 2020

Equipment display



Origin : France/China
Audreal products are inspired by the Chinese brand Xindak which develops the same devices. The French company Delta-Sigma goes through this process and modifies especially the power supply part which makes Audreal models in their own right in terms of dynamics, fluidity and richness of the tones.

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