Vintage Yamah DSP1 MX 35 amp


For collectors: The Yamaha DSP-1 was a revolutionary home theater processor, produced in 1985 by the Yamaha Company. It allows you to combine up to 6 channels from 2 channels, via a DSP digital signal processor.
It offers 16 sound fields, but unlike the usual processors, these modes are precisely configurable.
The DSP-1 includes other effects not found on this type of device. Most of the DSP-1's controls are located on its remote control. Available.
Difficult for enthusiasts to find a complete unit in this condition with their remote control manuals.

They are protected in their original boxes and carefully stored until they are sold.

Cash payment only. Thank you.

Condition of equipment

Condition of equipment :

  • Excellent Condition, Impeccable aesthetics

Model & finish

Model :

  • processeur DSP1

Colour :

  • Black

Finish :

  • Mat

Weight & dimensions

Weight (kg) :

  • 8

Equipment background

Date of purchase :

  • 1990

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