Sell pair of BENG 4707 column speakers. This is in fact only the name intended for these loudspeakers to the Asian markets, under the aegis of AUNA, a very well known brand in Europe, Thus the BENG 4707 are in fact AUNA 4707. Only logo and serial number plate differ. Considering the QUASINEUF condition of the ones I propose, the price is justified because they are on sale on the net for about 85/90 €.
Curiosities too;
1/the salesmen announce it for a 4 ways while it has only 3 electric ones (the 2 medium are wired in series parallel).
2/ The lateral woofer also defines the field of diffusion. There is therefore a left and a right speaker, a precaution that must be respected for a good coherence of the stereo sound image as well as the respect of the acoustic phase.

Very fine column and of a rare elegance, the BENG-AUNA 4707 profits moreover from a remarkable tonal balance as well as from a very comfortable power of 120 WRMS/200 WRMS peak. 91,5 dB/1W/1m under 4/8 Ohms. Can be completed with one or two subwoofers and obtain a coherent 2.1 or 2.2 system.
Connections: stereo sash terminal block for cable up to 4mm².
Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 20 kHz /- 3dB (manufacturer data).
Bass reflex rear tube.
Cabinetry: MDF with black lacquered beech vinyl veneer.
Dimensions in cm: 18 x 104 x 25 (WxHxD) = 46 L of acoustic load.
Weight: 7.5 kg

QUASI NEW CONDITION - PRICE LITTLE NEGOTIABLE except if purchase of additional materials (see my ads AV-MARKET).

- By carrier or principal AV-MARKET.
- Hand delivery at my home

- Secured by AV-MARKET bank.
- Bank check accepted and credited, Sending of the 2 packages AFTER transaction.
- In cash if delivered by hand.

Condition of equipment

Condition of equipment :

  • Excellent Condition, Impeccable aesthetics

Model & finish

Model :

  • BENG-AUNA 4707

Colour :

  • Black

Finish :

  • Placage frêne noir imitation15

Weight & dimensions

Weight (kg) :

  • 15

Dimensions :

  • en cm; 18 x 104 x 25 cm (LxHxP)

Equipment background

Date of purchase :

  • décembre 2020

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Origin: Germany, 2007
Auna offers consumer electronics products. It works a lot on the design of its products so that they can be installed in as many living rooms as possible.

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Hello to all audiophiles, I am an engineer in applied electro-acoustics. I have been Sales Manager of the Professional Sector of ELIPSON since 1987 (French brand known worldwide of hi-fi and Pro loudspeakers). Then, at the end of 1988, I was Sales Engineer for the Professional sector of FOCAL/JMLab, which everyone knows. The FOCAL Proline name was then overshadowed by the creation (early 1991) of DIVATECH, my own monitor manufacturing company (professional loudspeakers for recording studios, post sync, radio/broadcasting, OB vans and power and prestige sound systems). Hence my presence on AV-MARKET where I offer for sale coherent marriages of devices, unitary references as well as complete systems. I voluntarily avoid proposing too professional and/or esoteric hi-fi equipment with too high prices. I answer on the other hand to any type of audio request (consulting and diagnosis included) within my specialized cabinet: AUDIOMONT, locally and specifically recognized. My contact for you (I hope it is displayed in my AV-MARKET ads) is: 06 62 71 72 15 and jeanpierrecarles187gmail.comVery good audiophile holidays to all.


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