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Sell :Amplifier Brandt A 4025Tuner Brandt TA 755Tuner Brandt TA 755Platinum Vinyl P 112FC, the belt is newThe set is working properlyThis equipment was considered very good when it was released in 1984 when you bought itThe price was 4000Fr, or nearly 410€, this price included 2 speakers which are not available for saleThe amp has a phono jack, two inputs called magneto 1, magneto, 2 outputs HP 8 [hidden by AV-Market] plug,Manual available I sell this equipment because I just bought a new turntable and a new amp, I was not using the tuner.

Condition of equipment

Condition of equipment :

  • Good condition, Traces of wear

Model & finish

Model :

  • Ampli A4025, Tuner TA 755, Platine Vinyle P 112FC

Colour :

  • Grey/Silver

Weight & dimensions

Weight (kg) :

  • 5

Equipment background

Date of purchase :

  • 1984



The famous French brand created in 1924 was originally specialised in the manufacture of light weapons. In the 1970s, Brandt électronique manufactured amplifiers, tuners, etc. After takeovers and mergers Brandt became a manufacturer of household appliances.

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