HiFi system AmpliTuner NAD, CD Arcam, K7 Nakamichi


NAD C 320BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier with remote control = 250 euros
ARCAM Delta 70.2 Compact Disc Player = 200 euros
NAD RDS Stereo Tuner C 422 = 150 euros
Nakamichi CR-3E Cassette tape recorder = 300 euros
50 euros discount for the complete pack.

Very good condition. Sold with power cables, RCA cables and boxes.
Can be purchased separately.
Shipping is possible.
If you have any questions or want to see the products, please contact us.

Condition of equipment

Condition of equipment :

  • Excellent Condition, Impeccable aesthetics

Model & finish

Model :

  • NAD C 320BEE

Colour :

  • Black

Equipment background

Equipment display



Sold in more than 80 countries, NAD Electronics is known worldwide for its innovative range of advanced consumer electronics products for audio and video applications.

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