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Origin: France, 1972
Art et Acoustique Appliquée / Reference 3A. Daniel Dehay created his brand following a professional disappointment, he was supposed to become CEO France of Texas Instruments but failed on one track. 3A is the search for the most natural sound possible without "boom boom" in the bass and hardness and acidity in the midium.

3D Lab

Origin: France, 1995
Founded by Charles-Henry Delaleu in the Alpes-Maritimes, 3D Lab specialises in the design and manufacture of high-fidelity electronics. A true craftsman of electronics for demanding audiophiles, 3D Lab offers a range of sources (network and CD players), converters, preamplifiers and stereo amplifiers.



A French speaker brand, now defunct, A2T was renowned for designing speakers to equip professional music production studios.

Aavik Acoustics

Aavik Acoustics is an innovative manufacturer of amplifiers with the latest technology and minimalist functional design based on Nordic tradition and values.

Absolue Créations

Origin : France, 2009
After 10 years of research, Alain Yzembar decided to create his own hi-fi brand with the aim of offering the complete and absolute restitution of all signal information. It is a success.


Origin: Germany, 1980
They started under the name Acapella Audio Arts and when we see their speakers, we understand the word Arts better. Acapella is a mix between a love of music and an artistic synthesis combined with technology.


The name ACCUPHASE comes from the abbreviation of the English words "ACCurate" (precise) and "PHASE" (fundamental factor of the audio universe). We have the intimate feeling that this name, in itself and through our achievements, symbolizes all the desire to penetrate the depths of audio technology.

Accustic Arts

Origin: Germany, 1997
Accustic Arts is all about precision. All their products are made in Germany for an optimised price/performance ratio and a natural and detailed sound. ACCUSTIC ARTS stands for ACCUrate acouSTIC ARTS, which means "the art of correct sound".


Acer is a famous Taiwanese brand created in 1976 and specialised in computer products. Acer also sells projectors for all budgets, whether for the office, home cinema or gaming.

Acoustic Signature

Acoustic Signature is a German manufacturer of exceptional turntables. Entirely handcrafted in their Stuttgart workshop, their turntables are renowned for their impeccable level of finish.

Acoustic System International

Origin : France
As a manufacturer specialising in acoustic treatment, Acoustic System International manages to solve many defects thanks to their porducts. Franck Tchang is the designer of all these products.


ACROLINK is a cable manufacturer with genuine 6N Cu, which has received a guarantee for the value of the analysis.


U.S. manufacturer of high-performance audio electronics for immersive home theater, distributed audio and stereo applications


Audio Design Associates was founded in 1977 in the USA, more precisely in New York. Audio Design was a pioneer in the installation of THX, DTS and Dolby Digital standards in home theatre installations. ADA has received numerous design and innovation awards.


ADAM Audio is the market leader in Pro Audio and HIFI speakers. Founded in 1999 in Berlin, Germany, the company has set high standards worldwide for precise control and natural sound reproduction.


Since 1980, ADCOM has been successfully creating audio equipment that delivers sound quality that many people enjoy.

Advance Paris /Acoustic

The Advance Acoustic brand, created in 1995, is the property of ADVANCE PARIS. The company is located in a modern place, about twenty kilometers from Paris, between the airports of Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly.

Aerial Acoustics

Aerial Acoustics speakers are designed and manufactured in the United States to provide exquisite music reproduction in your home.

Air Tight

AIRTIGHT and Acoustic Masterpiece est une marque du fabricant japonais d'amplificateurs à lampe de haute qualité A&M Ltd.


Precision analog instrument with excellent assembly quality. A new era in portable device design.


The iconic Aiwa brand has come back to life thanks to a passionate quest to unite people around music. Aiwa creates amazing speakers and applications that play your favourite music the way it should be heard.


Akai Professional joined the electronic music industry in 1984 with one goal: to give artists the tools they need to express themselves and explore new musical possibilities.


With 65 years of engineering and sound expertise, AKG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality headphones, microphones and wireless systems for professional users, musicians, engineers and music lovers.


Alchemist is a UK brand, established in 1989, which manufactures analogue (preamp, amp, tuner, etc.) and digital (CD player, transport, SACD, etc.) equipment. Unfortunately, since 2001, the company is closed.


Origin : USA, 1974
Allison Acoustics, Inc. was founded by Roy Allison, a music enthusiast and former right-hand man to the president of Acoustic Research. The company closed in 1990 and Roy worked as a consultant for companies such as JBL and Cambridge Acoustics.


Allo is a Canadian brand with R&D and manufacturing in India and design in Toulouse, France. Allo has quickly established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of audio equipment for music streaming.


Alpine Electronics France distributes Alpine products for onboard electronics in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

ALR Jordan

Origin: Germany, 1989
ALR Jordan manufactures its loudspeakers by hand in Germany to guarantee quality. Their watchword is: perfection. The loudspeakers are thoroughly tested before production.

Altec Lansing

Since 1927, Altec Lansing has been breaking the code with quality products carefully designed for optimum performance.

Amare Musica

Origin : Poland
Maciej Lenar and Marcin Sołowiow are 2 friends who created Amare Musica. The culture of tube technology is present and you can hear it. Amare Musica network players are known and recognised at the top end of the market.


Origin : Japan
Audio Music Interface is a former Japanese company that manufactured quality DAC models and cables.


Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd. was founded in 1998. It designs and builds loudspeakers characterised by honest and accurate sound reproduction.


The company uses more than 20 years of experience to create the best sound technology. Known for its constant innovation in the world of professional and home audio, Antelope has won numerous awards, including the Consumer Electronic Show's Design and Innovation Award.


Backed by more than 20 years of experience in practical, home design and innovative audio technology, Anthem products offer an unprecedented level of reliability and functionality and represent one of the highest equations between performance and value in the industry.

Apart Audio

Origin : Belgium
Apart Audio manufactures loudspeakers for professionals, you will find these loudspeakers at McDonalds, KFC, Lidl, Aldi, Starbucks? And we know how important sound is in these places.


Since 1983, the French brand AperturA has built up a solid reputation in the manufacture of exceptional loudspeakers and cables. Christian Yvon, its founder, is the guarantor of an uncompromising design approach.


Origin : USA, 1976
Do we really need to present this brand? The iPod came out in October 2001 and 275 million copies later, Apple now only sells the iPod Touch as a portable audio player.


AQVOX was founded in 2003 by Susanne Candeias, a German music lover. AQVOX products are dynamic, precise and musical.


U.S. manufacturer of high quality, high performance sound amplifiers for home stereo systems


One of the UK's leading manufacturers of high quality audio and video equipment since 1976.


Argon produces sound that amazes and products that are comfortable in every way. "Play it easy. Just add a little music."


Origin: Belgium, 1995
ArtSound has always had a goal in mind to develop affordable quality audio solutions. They offer tailor-made solutions and that is why they always offer free support via a pragmatic approach based on customer needs.


ASR has been at the pinnacle of amplification for over 30 years, delighting music lovers around the world with ultra-musical and powerful integrated amplifiers.


Astell&Kern is the best source for digital music, offering Mastering Quality Sound or MQS. Astell stands for "Stars" in Latin and Kern for "Center" in German.


ASW is a design and engineering company specializing in audio and video equipment, control and lighting systems.


Origin: United Kingdom, 1976
Atacama Audio was founded in 1992 but the company's experience dates back to 1976. Until 2011 it made only glass or metal but then invested in a factory to make wood (bamboo composite).


ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company, is a UK-based manufacturer specialising in the manufacture of acoustic systems and complete sound reproduction systems, including related electronic equipment.


Origin : France, 1960
Ateca was the number 1 manufacturer of TV and Hifi furniture, it worked for a long time in partnership with LG, Philips, Samsung...

Atlantic Technology

Atlantic Technology designs and manufactures THX in-wall and in-wall home theater speakers, wireless speakers and headphones. All comments are welcome!

Atlantis Lab / Acoustique

Origin : France
Atlantis Lab works on 3 subjects in synergy, the sound system (performance, power and dynamism), the mixing studio (rigour and definition) and Hifi (finesse and details). The aim being to give a maximum of emotion.


Origin : United Kingdom
Atlas Cable is Scottish, its hi-fi cables have received numerous awards from all over the world. Manufacturer of high-end cables, the association of Asimi and Mavros is impressive according to the UK HiFi Plus magazine.

Atma Sphere

Origin : USA, 1976
Atma Sphere music systems is the benchmark for high-end OTL (Output TransformerLess) tube amplifiers. Everything is handmade, to order and to the needs of their customers.


Origin : France, 2000
Atohm loudspeakers can be found in many world-famous speakers. Atohm has also developed its range of audiophile loudspeakers, the GT series.

Atoll electronique

Origin : France, 1997
Atoll masters perfectly the field of electronics and is able to reconcile details and matter. Manufacturer of amplifiers, DACs, CD and network players, preamplifiers and tuners.


Audeze is a leading Californian audio producer offering the most accurate sound reproduction available today. Audeze products are designed using the latest innovations in materials science and technology combined with precision craftsmanship to produce remarkably dynamic and immersive sound.

Audia Flight

Founded in 1996 by Massimiliano Marzi and Andrea Nardini, the Audia Flight brand designs and manufactures in Italy high quality electronics for demanding audiophiles. Handcrafted in their workshop in Civitavecchia, Audia Flight amps, preamps and sources enjoy a great reputation.


Audience is a French brand from Marseilles that has demonstrated its know-how. Combining grace and low cost, Audience was a reliable and serious manufacturer.

Audio Analogue

Origin: Italy, 1995
Audio Analogue sees itself as a brand capable of satisfying the ears of the most demanding audiophiles. Hand-assembled devices, the use of local craftsmen, transmitting heart and soul: this is how to make the most of Italian excellence.

Audio Excellence

Origin: United Kingdom, 2008
Audio Excellence is the audio department of Screen Excellence Ltd. It manufactures high-end loudspeakers and electronics.

Audio Note

Europe's largest manufacturer of high-quality, high-precision home audio equipment.

Audio Physic

AUDIO PHYSIC is one of the last true speaker manufacturers in the country. World-class loudspeakers are manufactured in Brilon, Westphalia - all made in Germany.

Audio Pro

Since 1978, Audio Pro has been building speakers with one goal in mind: to give you the best sound at the best price. It wants as many people as possible to enjoy good sound quality in their homes.

Audio Référence

Origin: France, 1980
Created by Jean Claude Fourrière, Audio Référence worked closely with Audax. It is a reference in the French hi-fi industry, unfortunately the brand has now disappeared.

Audio Research

Audio Research is one of the oldest continuous sound producers in America. The company was founded in 1970 in Minneapolis with a single goal: to promote the modern art of music reproduction.

Audio Technica

Founded in 1962, Audio-Technica is a global group of companies engaged in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of audio troubleshooting equipment.


Origin : China
Renowned for its development in audio technology and its own "Audio-GD Current System Signal" (ACSS) technology, Audio-gd has established itself in the closed circle of high-end Hi-Fi manufacturers.


Origin: USA, 2005
Audioengine, known for its active speakers, offers easy-to-use and very versatile products that can be combined with PC/Mac, pre-amplified turnables, televisions, network players...


One of the biggest names in the British hi-fi industry. Manufacturer of high quality electronic components for the home; no frills, high performance


The famous French brand Audiomat was created in 1986 by the Clarisse brothers. Today the brand sells integrated tube amplifiers, preamplifiers and converters. During all these years, Audiomat has used 6 principles: development, stability, reliability, choice of components, handcrafting and fine tuning.


Audiophonics is a retailer of hi-fi and home cinema equipment. Since its creation in 2005, this French company also offers DIY (Do It Yourself) so that these hi-fi products correspond perfectly to the customers' expectations.


Origin: France, 2014
Audiophony is the first brand developed by its parent company Hit Music, it specialises in sound and offers a multitude of products for all possible uses.


AudioQuest produces and distributes analog and digital cables, digital-to-analog converters, headphones, air conditioning products, phono cartridges and a wide range of audio/video accessories, all designed for exceptional performance and value.


A leader in the production of loudspeakers for audiophiles. All products are handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Auditor is a French company created in 1977 by Elipson. Auditor is very quickly independent then will give birth to another brand, Point Source in the 80s. Finally in 1996, Focal JMLab took over Auditor.


Origin : France/China
Audreal products are inspired by the Chinese brand Xindak which develops the same devices. The French company Delta-Sigma goes through this process and modifies especially the power supply part which makes Audreal models in their own right in terms of dynamics, fluidity and richness of the tones.


Origin: Germany, 2007
Auna offers consumer electronics products. It works a lot on the design of its products so that they can be installed in as many living rooms as possible.

Aune Audio

The Hi-Fi brand of Wuhan Ao Lai Er Technology Co. is dedicated to the development of desktop and portable audio products such as DAC, digital transport, music players, headphone amplifiers, etc.


Aura Audio designs and manufactures professional loudspeakers for the rental and fixed installation market.


Founded in 2009, AURALiC LIMITED has established itself worldwide by developing innovative music and audio components of the highest quality - a combination of classic analog technology and advanced digital evolution with design aesthetics.


Aurender is a Korean brand that has established itself over the years as a world reference in the reading of dematerialized music. Focusing on high quality sources, Aurender is specialized in the production of high quality music servers.

Aurum Cantus

Aurum Cantus was founded in 1994. Its sole purpose and choice is to design and manufacture high quality loudspeakers, aluminum strip tweeters and woofers.


Origin : USA
Autonomic offers versatile and scalable products thanks to software updates. You will find on one product all the uncompressed music sources to guarantee listening pleasure.

Avalon Acoustics

Avalon Acoustics is an idealistic group of musicians, artists, craftsmen and engineers. Music is the passion in their blood and the muse of their intellect.


Since 1991, Avantgarde Acoustic has been dedicated to acoustic excellence. The family business in Lauterthal, Odenwald, Germany, is synonymous with a symbiosis of the best sound and pure, functional design.

Avantgarde Acoustic

Since 1991, Avantgarde Acoustic has been dedicated to acoustic excellence. The family business in Lauterthal, Odenwald, Germany, is synonymous with a symbiosis of the best sound and pure, functional design.

Avid Corporation

AVID provides specialized vision-based measurement and control systems for online and offline industrial applications.

Avid Hifi

Thanks to their unique design and lively appearance, the players, amplifiers and speakers offer the closest possible view of the original recording, with a clarity and dynamics that make listening to music not only HIFI, but also an experience you won't forget.


Pure listening pleasure! For more than 30 years, AVM has been developing and manufacturing electronic equipment to play music of the highest quality.


Their mission is to create audio and video systems that offer a life full of emotions and discoveries. Combining stunning realism with exceptional clarity, Ayre components offer a natural, relaxed presentation that draws you into your favorite music and movies like never before.


Balanced Audio Technology

Balanced Audio Technology is a manufacturer of high-quality tube and solid-state audio components, including preamplifiers, floor stages and amplifiers.

Bang & Olufsen

Origin: Denmark, 1925
Bang & Olufsen is the story of 2 passionate friends, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. B&O collaborates with leading architects and is characterised by a discreet product design that is perfect for demanding customers. Today, Bang & Olufsen tackles home automation with "tailor-made".

BC Acoustique

Origin: France, 1993
B and C are the first letters of the first names of the designers Bruno Roux and Christian Avedissian. BC makes a name for itself thanks to its Niger enclosure and its golden tuning fork. Since then, it has been an escalation of success.

Beats by Dr. Dre

Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats) is an audio brand founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iowin. With a range of high quality headphones, earphones and speakers, Beats has enabled a whole new generation to access superior sound quality. The brand's continued success is helping to bring the energy, excitement and excitement of the recording studio back to music lovers around the world. Beats was acquired by Apple Inc. in July 2014.

Bel Canto

Fine audio electronics manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Origin : USA, 1983
Founded by Chet Pipkin, Belkin is a manufacturer of computer products to improve your daily life and allow you to flourish.


Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. is a privately held manufacturer of precision audio electronics for broadcast, recording and Hi-Fi applications.


Origin: Thailand, 2001
BenQ stands for Bringing Enjoyment N Quality to life. Pioneer of the desacralization of video projectors, BenQ represents the best quality/price ratio on this market.

Benz Micro

BENZ MICRO has been designing and manufacturing cells and polished diamonds in Switzerland for more than 30 years. You will find a wide range of Benz Hi-Fi cells ...

Berkeley Audio Design

Berkeley Audio Design is considered the best professional quality ADC and DAC ever produced.


Complex audio products since 1924. beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative audio product manufactured and developed in Germany.


Origin: Spain, 1969
Acustica Beyma is a world-famous loudspeaker manufacturer. The R&D department represents 27% of Beyma's workforce, they always want to improve the performance of their loudspeakers.


Bladelius Design Group specialises in the design of high performance audio and video equipment on a global scale.


It all started more than 20 years ago. Finding the right amplifier for the demonstration of the high-end loudspeakers we were handling. Unable to find a device on the market that met our requirements, we decided to design, develop and produce our own amplifiers. We finally developed our own power supply, our dual-mono and dual-chassis preamplifier as well as our pure mono Class A power amplifier under the brand name Block.
The adventure was launched and the success we met allowed us to continue to design and produce exceptional devices.


Bluesound is an alliance of audio professionals dedicated to realizing the promise of high fidelity wireless, digital and multi-room audio.

Boenicke Audio

Origin: Switzerland, 1998
Boenicke Audio has focused on the quality and relevance of its products. At Boenicke Audio, getting very, very close to the original sounds is not an illusion but an achievable goal.


Origin : USA, 1964
Based in Massachusetts, the Bose brand is well known. It has factories in the USA, Mexico and Ireland. Bose specializes in the development, construction and sale of high-end home, professional and in-car (automotive and marine) audio systems.

Boston Acoustics

Founded in 1979, Boston Acoustics is a world-renowned manufacturer of innovative home entertainment solutions and high-performance speakers.


Founded in 1984, Boulder produces the world's best high-performance home electronics.

Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins, founded in the UK in 1966, is one of the finest loudspeaker brands in the world. Recognised by audiophiles the world over, B&W designs and manufactures exceptional loudspeakers in the suburb of Brighton, England. All hi-fi enthusiasts will be familiar with the famous Nautilus (snail-shaped) loudspeaker and its exceptional 800 series.


The famous French brand created in 1924 was originally specialised in the manufacture of light weapons. In the 1970s, Brandt électronique manufactured amplifiers, tuners, etc. After takeovers and mergers Brandt became a manufacturer of household appliances.


Since 1921, Braun has built up an enormous reputation for creating iconic designs and people-centred products. This humanistic approach, combined with the idea of "less but better", has inspired designers and emulators around the world for almost a century.

Bricasti Design

Bricasti Design is the world's leading manufacturer of handmade digital reverbs with high quality sound and ease of use.


Bryston Ltd. - is a Canadian company that has been developing and manufacturing modern specialty electronics products for the consumer and professional audio markets for over 35 years.


Burmester promises to listen to music within its four walls as an unforgettable artistic pleasure. Every component of Burmester has been designed to achieve the goal of absolute sound. Combined with equivalent elements, they promise an extraordinary musical experience.

Burson Audio

Burson Audio is an Australian manufacturer of audio systems that produces products without an operational amplifier and with discrete circuitry for a great musical experience.



Founded by Georges Cabasse in 1950, the French company was one of the pioneers in the manufacture of precision loudspeakers. Known since its beginnings for the design of coaxial loudspeakers (several speakers in one), the Brest-based company has earned a worldwide reputation for the quality of its compact loudspeakers, bookcases and columns. Even today Cabasse continues to innovate with wireless connected speakers.

Cambridge Audio

Located in the heart of London, Cambridge Audio has had a simple aim since its creation in 1968: to produce audio equipment that accurately creates pure, natural sound.


HiFi speakers for a wide variety of needs. For over 40 years, Canton has specialized in loudspeakers that offer both sonic and aesthetic perfection.

Carat Audio

A French electronics brand, Carat has distinguished itself between 2005 and 2010 with a number of devices that have received numerous awards from the specialist HiFi press.

Cardas Audio

Origin: USA, 1987
Located in Oregon, Cardas Audio is a family business started by George Cardas. It manufactures high quality audio cables and components with legendary craftsmanship.


Bob Carver is one of the five most powerful people in the history of audio, and his second company, Carver, has been one of his greatest successes.

Cary Audio

Cary Audio is passionate about making music more enjoyable to listen to. This passion drives them to develop the world's best high-performance audio devices using the best components available, while maintaining the highest standards of production and quality control.


Castle Sound & Vision has enviable experience in the design and installation of entertainment and home automation systems in existing homes, as well as in new construction and renovation projects.


Origin: China, 1993
Cayin has developed more than 400 products that have design quality, attractive price and exceptional performance in common.


CEC (Chuo Denki co Ltd.) is located in Saitama, a subsidiary of Sanyo, a luxury brand founded in 1954 in Japan.


Headquartered in Ipswich, England, Celestion designs, develops and manufactures high quality guitar and bass speakers, as well as high quality professional loudspeakers for sound enhancement applications. You will find them in clubs, theatres and concert halls around the world.


Cello products are created by people who are committed to exploring the furthest limits of performance and quality. Because of this attitude, the cello does not follow style - the cello sets standards.


Matterhorn Vega Loudspeaker Company. For more than 50 years, Cerwin-Vega! has set the standard for high-performance professional and domestic sound with the right products, the right prices and award-winning innovations.

CH Precision

Every CH Precision product starts its life cycle like a clean sheet of paper, analyzes its task, determines its performance parameters and selects the best technical solution.


Founded in 1975 in Milan, and today, after more than 40 years, Chario is still in a very small world of handicraft companies that produce their loudspeakers, speakers and cabinets entirely in order to satisfy 100% of the design parameters.

Chord Electronics

Origin: United Kingdom, 1989
Founded in 1989, Chord Electronics is an award-winning UK manufacturer of Hi-Fi and Pro Audio, striving for pure audio perfection through patented technology.

Ciunas Audio

Origin: Ireland, 2009
Ciunas Audio takes care of suppressing low-level noise that fluctuates with the signal processing and has harmful effects. Ciunas can be translated into Gaelic as calmness, tranquillity, serenity.


Origin: Canada, 1980
Classé Audio is one of Canada's leading producers of high performance music and theatre. Since the creation of their first amplifier in 1980, passion and dedication have inspired the research that has resulted in exceptional electronics without compromise.


Clearaudio became world famous in 1978, when Peter Sukhi and his team developed the first voice coil microphones.

Cocktail Audio

CocktailAudio is a Korean brand created by Novatron in 2006 to launch its first CD player and server. Novatron, which specialises in computers, wanted to use its computer technology in audiophile-quality, easy-to-use home products. Today, cocktailAudio is the world's most awarded player brand in the music server and network streamer market.


The best speakers, amplifiers and cables in the world. Created in 1993 with the goal of creating the best audio components in the world.

Connect Research

Connect Research as its name suggests offers everything from connectors, power supplies, cables, etc.


Their design philosophy is the result of over 40 years of research and development. Conrad-johnson products are manufactured with simple contours, from the highest quality components, according to individual orders.


Origin: China, 1994
It is under the name of Consonance that Opera Audio Compagny designs and manufactures its products. Products that are simple and refined in order to reproduce music in the most natural way possible.


Origin: Denmark, 1986
Olé Möller, the founder, worked as an engineer at Ortofon. Copland (for Aaron Copland) has proven itself and continues to make its mark in the professional and public sector, particularly with the CTA408 based on KT150.


Origin: South Korea, 1995
Cowon started to create software and then digital and multimedia players. It is known for its BBE+ technology offering additional settings for sound. Very good manufacturing quality.

Creek Audio

Creek is a British hi-fi brand from the 80s, created by Mike Creek. Prior to this, Mike worked for a long time at Wyndsor Recording as a stock controller, buyer, manager and then production engineer. Creek was known for making low cost hi-fi equipment.


After the closure of Decca Records, the British Brian Powell founded Crimson Elektrik in Leicester in 1976. Since then, the brand's philosophy has remained the same: to be as transparent as possible in the musical signature and to transmit the music as it was recorded.


Cyrus" is an English audio company specialising in the production of high-precision hi-fi equipment. Cyrus" is an internationally recognised leader in the field of audio technology and is supported by a team of researchers and developers.



Origin : USA, 1909
Da-Lite was present at the origin of the film industry. Da-Lite's great strength is its wide range of screens and options, there is bound to be a screen that will satisfy you.


DALI (Danish Audiophile Acoustics Industry) designs, develops and manufactures hi-fi loudspeakers that match their vision of how speakers sound, look and feel.

Dan D'Agostino

Audiophiles know that Dan D'Agostino is the world's most experienced and passionate audio electronics designer, and the first to support the use of powerful solid-state amplifiers in high-quality audio.


Since its establishment in 1969, Dantax A/S has been primarily engaged in the design, development, production and sale of audio products.


DarbeeVision is an American company founded in 2009. Darbee develops technologies that improve digital images, particularly in terms of depth and realism. The company is named after its founder, Paul Darbee.


Dared Audio was founded in 1995. Its mission: to design and produce the best, most accessible and technologically advanced high-end, high-fidelity audio equipment.


Darkvoice is a Chinese brand created in the early 2000s.


High-quality audio products made in Switzerland

Davis Acoustics

Origin : France, 1986
Originally a manufacturer of kevlar loudspeakers, Davis Acoustics now has its own speakers known for accurate midrange and warmth.


Origin: Serbia, 1991
Dayens manufactures all its products by hand in Serbia, they sell amplifiers, preamplifiers, speakers and speaker cable.


dbx from Harman, manufacturer of professional recording equipment since 1971.


dCS believes that the role of the hi-fi system is to preserve all the subtle information about the recording throughout the playback chain and present it to the listener with all the nuances of emotional content intact.

Definitive Technology

Origin: USA, 1990
Hiring young graduates from MIT, Stanford or Princeton, Definitive Technology offers you smart, ingenious products with divine sound. This is the case of their project in the Trinity Church in Manhattan.


Origin : Japan, 1910
A mix of artistic talent and technology, Denon uses all its know-how in its amplifiers, players, wireless speakers, sound bars...


Densen is a group of music lovers who have been pushing the boundaries of audio over the last twenty years.


A French brand created in 2007, Devialet is now recognised as one of the jewels of the global audio industry. Inventor of an amplification technology called "ADH" Devialet designs exceptional amplifiers and connected loudspeakers.

DH Labs

Cables and connectors specially designed in the U.S. to provide natural, high-definition sound for Pro-Audio mastering engineers, audiophiles, professional musicians and music enthusiasts alike.


DNM is a company founded in 1978 in the UK. It manufactures small, lightweight amplifiers to increase sound fidelity. DNM has also developed components that are currently used by major hi-fi brands such as Slit-Foil and T-Network capacitors.


Dual Electronics is an international company with a US subsidiary and European subsidiaries. It was decided to relaunch the brand in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, not as a license, but as a direct use of its "DUAL" trademark.


DVDO is known for its wireless HDMI Audio-Video transmitters, very practical to avoid long cables.


In 1950, David Hafler and Herb Keroyes founded Acrosound in Philadelphia to create and sell audio output transformers, primarily for home electronics enthusiasts.


Origin: Denmark, 1977
Dyaudio has been manufacturing loudspeakers in Skanderborg, Denmark for over 40 years. From the very beginning, Dynaudio has had a simple goal: to play music as accurately as possible. Today, it makes loudspeakers into subwoofers?


Dynavector is considered to be a very efficient production of moving coils and torneo mandrels based on advanced theory. Music lovers are assured of being able to listen to music at any price.


Origin: Germany,
Dynavox products have been supported by the trade press since the mid-1990s. It is therefore only natural that today, its reputation is worldwide.


EAR Yoshino

Origin: United Kingdom, 1976
EAR Yoshino juggles performance, reliability, size and cost for all its products. Working with recording studios, some big names have used EAR Yoshino such as Pink Floyd, Ringo Star, Kate Bush...


EarSonics is a French brand created in 2005 by Franck Lopez. The French market and scene were quickly conquered and today EarSonics is an important manufacturer on the in-ear market. The philosophy: to reproduce the sound with the greatest precision in order to retranscribe the music as it was recorded.

EAT - European Audio Team

Origin: Czech Republic
European Audio Team manufactures high-end vinyl turntables that are full of design and innovation. The offer is completed by cells, arms and phono preamplifiers.


Origin: United Kingdom, 1997
Ecosse Cables manufactures its cables by hand in Scotland by the best technicians with over 10 years experience. They boast the most beautiful cables in the world in terms of quality/price, musicality and fidelity.

Edwards Audio

Under the Edwards Audio brand is the British company Talk Electronics. For more than 15 years, Edwards Audio has been designing and manufacturing in England high fidelity equipment with a very interesting quality/musicality/price ratio using Rega components for their turntables.


Eera is a French brand that has been selling DACs, transport and CD players for over 30 years. The products are made in France and assembled near Marseille by hand. Their greatest achievement is to perfectly combine the benefits of digital (dynamics, details) with those of analogue (warmth).


EgglestonWorks produces the world's best loudspeakers for home and business use.


ELAC is a consumer audio designer specializing in innovation, technology, craftsmanship and superior performance that prides itself on 90 years of superiority.

Electro Voice

For 90 years, Electrovoices has been developing and designing cutting-edge amplification solutions that empower the artist, exceed the expectations of audio professionals and enhance the audience experience.


Electro-Harmonix is an American brand that was created in 1968 by Mike Matthews.


Norges eldste og største produsent av HiFi og stereoanlegg / The oldest and largest manufacturer of hi-fi equipment in Norway.


Elipson is one of the leading French HiFi brands. Created in 1938 by Joseph Léon, the brand has distinguished itself on numerous occasions thanks to its patented and often revolutionary acoustic technologies. Known for having sounded the ORTF studios, Elipson is still a major company in the world of Hi-Fi.

Elrod Power Systems

This high-end American cable brand was born in 2002. Its cables are handcrafted and made of copper, silver and gold to enhance musicality. Finally, the performance of the cables is due to the resonance controls, unique shielding and high quality terminations.


Origin: Denmark, 1968
A small Danish company, Eltax is known for the performance and musicality of its loudspeakers at a very affordable price. The best quality/price ratio.

EMM Labs

EMM Labs is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of high-quality professional digital audio conversion systems.


Emotiva has a simple yet elegant business philosophy: to design and build the highest quality audio and video electronics and deliver them directly to theirs customers, with exceptional value and unparalleled support.


Founded in 1999, Entreq is a Swedish company specialising in the manufacture of electrical components for audiophiles. Entreq is a family-owned company that designs, develops and manufactures all its products in its own workshop in Sweden.


Epos develops high-end solutions that offer superior sound quality so that individuals and teams can achieve their goals and get better results.


Origin : Japan, 1942
After the success in printing, Epson launched into video projection in 1989 with liquid crystal colour and then in 2010 with an interactive VP. Today owner of the 3LCD technology, Epson is the world's leading manufacturer of video projectors.


Origin : France, 1961
Erard is the French specialist of TV furniture and TV stands, its furniture is robust, well thought out with a neat design.


ESOTERIC was created in July 1992, after a meeting of five people inspired to create music that was dark, innovative, stimulating and expressive of their psychedelic content.


Origin: France, 1997
Richard Cesari, who has been passionate about hifi since he was 16 years old, is the founder of Esprit cables. Wishing to convey the signal with the least possible deterioration, Esprit has 9 ranges, all handmade. We can talk about the "science" of cable at Richard Cesari's, so at Esprit too.


The ESS laboratory, which has been producing HEIL AMT speakers and headphones since 1972, is proud to produce sound as pure as light in the United States!


Etalon is a Hungarian brand that was created in 1993. Since then, Etalon has won numerous international awards and has made a name for itself thanks to its founder, László Sallay, who has worked for major companies such as Ortofon and Bruel&Kjaer.


For more than 20 years, Euphya has been studying the behaviour of electrons inside semiconductors and audio circuits, in particular MDI (Micro Interface Discharge) anarchic phenomena that disrupt and harden the listening of transistor electronics if they are not controlled. This theory explains why Tube Amplifiers were considered more musical for a very long time! Euphya also treats and neutralises problems linked to vibrations, electromagnetic disturbances and various waves that surround us. In fact, designing a good amplifier is not enough today, it is necessary to take into account the environment in which it will be used and neutralize or keep away the disturbing elements.


Since 1974, the exhibition has been perfecting the art of creating a true hi-fi for true music lovers.


Fidelity Radio Ltd

Origin: United Kingdom, 1946
Founded by Jack Dickman, Fidelity Radio Ltd. has made tape recorders, turntables, hi-fi systems and even TVs. Bought out in the 1980s, Fidelity Radio Ltd no longer exists.


Origin : China, 2007
Fi (fidelity of HiFi) and iO (number 1&0) representing digital. FiiO offers high quality high-resolution digital audio players, portable amplifiers, DACs and headphones.


Origin : Germany
Finite elemente takes care of the optimal configuration of your hi-fi components through scientific development. In addition to this, we have a huge passion for music and a German manufacturing.


Since the introduction of Fisher's first audio product in 1937 into modern digital music systems, the Fisher Studio Standard line has continued the tradition of excellence.


Origin : USA
Fishman is committed to getting the truest possible sound wherever and whenever musicians are plugged in. After more than 40 years of existence, Fishman has become a leader in the field of microphones, amplification, guitar...

Flying Mole

Origin: Japan, 2000
Flying Mole has engineers with over 20 years of experience developing electronic equipment in harmony with nature and respectful of the environment. Their slogan is: creative, simple and beautiful.


Focal is the largest French HiFi brand. Formerly called JMLab, the Saint-Etienne-based company has a long history in the manufacture of loudspeakers. Since 1979, the brand has distinguished itself in the manufacture of high-end loudspeakers with its world famous Utopia range.


Founded in July 1973, Fostex is a division of Foster Electric Co. Ltd. (founded in 1949 in Tokyo, Japan), which produces audio equipment such as speakers, headphones, audio recorders, DA converters, etc.


This famous American brand has been around for over 40 years. Furman manufactures power products for artists, audio-visual professionals, recording studios, etc. Furman has earned the trust of its users by offering products that ensure the packaging, protection, regulation, sequencing and distribution of high quality power.


Furutech Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of high performance analog, digital, video and audio cables and accessories.

Fyne Audio

Origin: United Kingdom, 2018
Fyne Audio is a very young Scottish brand. It makes up for its youth thanks to its founder, a former Tannoy engineer. Their first loudspeakers have already received all possible praise from many specialists.


Gallo Acoustics

Gallo Acoustics produces the world's best "small" speakers, combining true hi-fi performance with ease of installation and design, offering exceptional, expansive sound in large and small residential spaces.


A very old British brand, Garrard was founded in 1915 by jewellers Garrard & Co. to make gramophone turntables. 45 years later the company has been sold several times as the technological shift was not anticipated. In 2018, Garrard Turntables UK Ltd is owned by Cadence Audio.

Gato Audio

Gato Audio is a Danish manufacturer of high-end audio products with soul, personality and performance qualities.

Gemme Audio

Origin: Canada, 2005
Gemme Audio is specialised in the design of very high range loudspeakers. A simple and refined design, the quality/price ratio of these loudspeakers is very interesting.


In the 1950s, Genalex Gold Lion was a label distributed to the best tubes of the British company M&O Valve. Since then, Genalex tubes have been produced with the same high quality standards, hand-assembled in Russia.


Genelec loudspeakers are designed to be used in professional, domestic and audio-video installations.


Geneva, a Swiss company, produces serious hi-fi systems to bring "an incredible listening experience" to the masses, according to Geneva Lab's CEO, Jan-Erik Lundberg. Geneva made its name with the Geneva Sound Systems, the first high-end stereo system with 2 loudspeakers in 1 speaker.


Origin: Poland, 2007
Good power is the basis for a good audio system and GigaWatt has understood this. Thanks to safe and reliable products, GigaWatt is growing internationally.

Gold Note

Gold Note is a young Italian company founded in 2012 by Maurizio Aterini. Based in the countryside of Florence, Gold Note is a rare brand that offers a complete range of analogue and digital equipment to enjoy a fully Gold Note system.

Gold Planar

Origin : USA
Gold Planar is a brand created by the manufacturer Monoprice, a well-known concept producer in the USA.


Founded in 1978, Goldmund has set the standard for luxury audio products worldwide, combining the latest technology with high-quality materials and personalized service.


Goldring Stylus, a name synonymous with sound quality, has been supplying hi-fi enthusiasts with recording needles, record player belts, hats, cartridges and record cleaning accessories for over 50 years.


Goodmans is a British consumer electronics company, part of Harvard International. Founded in London in 1925, the company began as a manufacturer of loudspeakers for sound diffusion systems.


Origin: USA, 1998
Google participates in the audio sector with its ChromeCast network players but also its intelligent and connected speakers.


Grado, one of the oldest family-owned companies in the audio industry, has been a leader in design for the high-end audio and recording industry for over 60 years.

Graham Slee

Origin: United Kingdom, 1998
Graham Slee is an engineer in the audiovisual field. After 12 years of study, he has achieved his dream of building a truly musical amplifier, the Proprius. Today, Graham Slee is a small company that satisfies all his customers.


GRANDINOTE is a manufacturer of audiophile amplifiers based on an exclusive technology called "Magnetosolid". Located in Italy, near Pavia in Lombardy, this artisanal brand has a very good reputation.


HDTV, audio equipment, major household appliances and personal care products.


Rasmussen graduated from the Academy of Arts in Aarhus, Denmark, with a specialization in painting and graphic design. During his studies, Rasmussen established close relationships with the local music community and developed record covers and concert posters for many important local artists.



Hafler is a major North American high-fidelity brand that made a name for itself in the 1980s thanks to the genius of its founder David Hafler (1917-2003). This brand, very well known by professionals and which had withdrawn from the consumer market for a few years, is now coming back with some exceptional products.


Halgorythme is a French manufacturer of electronics for audiophiles. Created by Cédric Halgrin, the brand specialises in the use of tubes for its amplifiers or pre-amplifiers.


Harbeth is the UK's most successful loudspeaker brand, the oldest all-British brand with an enviable history of innovation. Their unique blend of sophistication and tradition is in demand worldwide.


Harman Kardon delivers beautiful sound, combining unmatched sound quality with iconic design to create a work of art and sound.

Harmonic Technology

Harmonic Technology is a global supplier of high-performance cables for connecting audio and video components in the home and for professional use.

Hattor Audio

Hattor is a Polish brand that manufactures high-end hand-assembled preamplifiers and amplifiers. High fidelity equipment to test without hesitation.


Hitkit produces the best kits in the world. You can build your own professional quality electronic equipment even without experience.


Heco's philosophy is to bring high quality music into the home.

Heed Audio

Listen to the design and manufacture of truly immersive high-end audio equipment.


The story begins in 1988. Bent Holter, a student at the Technical University of Trondheim (NTNU), decided to write a dissertation on the original design of transistors used in amplifiers that would solve the problems of traditional hi-fi systems.


Origin : France
Helioson is a brand of vintage loudspeakers from the 70s and 80s.

Hi-Fi Câbles & Co

French manufacturer of audio cables for audiophiles, "Hi-Fi Câbles & Compagnie" exists since 1995. Founded by Jean-Claude Tornior, the company has collaborated from the beginning with many loudspeaker manufacturers to optimise their internal cabling.


HIFIMAN is, simply put, the result of Dr. Fang Bian's ongoing commitment to create an audio company that serves both audiophiles and casual listeners, offering a range of personal audio products for a variety of budgets and lifestyles.

Highland Audio

Origin : France
Designed in Bretagne, these fine speakers offer an impressive sound, especially in the low frequencies.


Hitachi offers high quality audio/video combined with fast and reliable data storage.

HMS Elektronik

Origin : Germany
HMS Elektronik from its founder Hans Manfred Strassner is a well-known brand for its cables with minimal losses and highest interference resistance. Their solid know-how also enables them to manufacture filter strips.


Speakers, waveguides, compression drivers, etc. Welcome to all horn lovers. You need a horn or a coaster. This is the place to be!


Hovland is an American company from Los Angeles from the early 2000s. Unfortunately, it will last less than 10 years due to lack of liquidity and the very high cost of handcrafting. Apparently passion was not enough.


High resolution technology, the birthplace of the "Musical Streamer" product family. HRT believes that everyone deserves quality sound!



Origin : Japan, 1929
After buying the Spanish company Salvador Ibanez and the destruction of the latter during the Spanish War in 1938, the guitars were made, still by hand, in Japan. Afterwards, they began to make amplifiers.


Origin: China, 2006
iBasso started with headphone amplifiers and headphones but it was the Android-based DX 100 player that made the brand famous.


Icos is a French brand created in 1992 by the very experienced Denis Hausherr. The word Icos comes from the icosahedron shape of the speakers. Icos electronics are known to be lively and rich at the same time.

IFi Audio

iFi audio is a UK manufacturer of high quality desktop and portable audio equipment.

IMF Electronics

Origin: USA, 1961
IMF Electronics was founded by Irving (Bud) M. Fried. He was a passionate and a lover of sound, he will create several innovations in the world of hifi.


Origin: Germany, 1977
Inakustik offers cables with the best technology, the best materials and the most beautiful design. That is why the cables are made in Germany.


In 1968, three aerosmonaut engineers, passionate about music, put their sound design skills into practice. Their first creation was a revolutionary servo-controlled woofer. Infinity was born, and the audio industry was transformed.


Innuos is a UK based hi-fi hardware manufacturer that was established in 2009. Innuos has 3 fundamental principles: a synergy between hardware and software, a response to customer needs and an openness towards other hi-fi products.


Origin : France
Simple and minimalist, Instaal offers classic, motorized and transportable projection screens that are efficient and affordable.


Integra designs and builds A/V components that set higher standards for system integration, scalability and multi-zone expansion.


Origin : Germany
Intona is today the leading manufacturer of USB isolators. For more than 20 years, they have been supplying various industries worldwide (audio, medical, aeronautics...). They invented the world's first high-speed USB isolator.


Origin: USA, 2002
Ion makes fun and innovative products such as their turntable that digitizes vinyls or a slide converter.


French manufacturer of audiophile amplifiers, now closed. ISEM amplifiers still enjoy an excellent reputation.


Isophon is a German manufacturer of loudspeakers and speakers. Created in 1928, the brand no longer exists but in the 50's, Isophon (ALNICO) loudspeakers were used in many loudspeakers such as Graetz then Braun, Grundig, etc.



French manufacturer of high quality HIFI equipment with valves (integrated amplifier, power amplifier, preamplifier, converter, CD and vinyl player).


The Jamo® brand builds all its audio products on the Danish design tradition of style, simplicity and functionality. Operating in over 80 countries, Jamo sees itself as a personal entertainment provider that understands and reflects the different ways the world listens.


JBL creates unforgettable sound experiences that amplify every moment. Wherever you are and whenever you want to listen, their unparalleled collection of portable speakers and wireless headphones will provide you with a breathtaking audio experience.

Jean-Marie Reynaud

Origin: France, 1967
Jean-Marie Reynaud is a founding father of French high fidelity. Today, it is Jean-Claude, his son, who has taken over with the same spirit, rigour and brilliance. A JMR speaker is capable of moving you and understanding the feeling expressed by the musician.

Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland designs and manufactures high quality audio products of lasting beauty for fine music lovers around the world.


Founded in 1927 by Peter Jensen, one of the co-inventors of the loudspeaker, Jensen began producing commercial amplified loudspeakers in the 1940s.


JERN - The new generation of loudspeakers. Cast iron cabinet. Great sound. A truly unique hi-fi product.


JICO is a pen manufacturer with a 60-year history in Japan. Stylus, made purely by hand by the Japanese with the pride of a craftsman.

JJ Electronic

Origin: Slovakia, 1993
As a world-renowned tube manufacturer, JJ Electronic offers more than 35 preamplification or power tubes. Their products are the result of diligent research in audio and constant application in manufacturing.

JL Audio

Founded in 1975, JL Audio is a privately held U.S. company dedicated to the development and manufacture of high-performance products for music lovers.


Origin: France, 1979
Jacques Mahul launches his own loudspeakers under the name JMlab, the former name of Focal. In 2003, the 2 brands joined together under the name Focal-JMlab, then 2 years later, the name Focal remained.


Jolida is committed to providing their customers with high quality home electronics with vacuum tubes for every sound stage. They try to offer you the best conditions for your sound stage with quality tube amplifiers.


Origin: Sweden, 2001
Jorma Koski started by finding a solution to the problems of cable insulation. They work with 99.999999% pure copper.


JVC (JVCKENWOOD Europe B.V.) is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation. JVC is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated audio and video products that use superior technology to deliver high-quality sound and image.



Founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke MBE (1925-1995), this British brand is one of the world's leading loudspeaker manufacturers. Raymond Cooke, a former BBC signal engineer, was a visionary with a practical mind who pushed the boundaries of electro-dynamic transducers by using new materials. KEF sound is recognised by audiophiles around the world.


Origin: France, 2000
Created by Patrice Nicoleau, Kelinac speakers are meant to be alive, neutral and above all faithful. Nevertheless, their design also allows home theater.


Kennerton is the luxury brand of Fischer Audio, a Russian company founded in 2006. With Kennerton, they have created high-end headphones trying to find a balance between quality and price.

Kenwood Electronics

Established in Japan in 1946, initially under the name "Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd", Kenwood Electronics has created and developed numerous precision electronics (players, amplifiers, tuners, etc.) for the general public and audiophiles alike. It was during the great era of hi-fi in the 80s that Kenwood was at its peak with a remarkable arrival on the car-audio market.

Kimber Kable

For more than four decades, Kimber Kable has led the audio/video cable industry in technology and precision manufacturing. Today more than ever, they are focused on delivering products with exceptional performance and features.


Origin: France, 2004
Specialising in audiovisual equipment and accessories, Kimex has more than 1000 references in its catalogue and offers you products at the best price while guaranteeing the best design and quality.

Kinki Studio

The Chinese high-end brand, Kinki Studio was established in 2007. It uses industry-leading technology, good manufacturing process and sound quality to meet its philosophy.


Meaning "miracle" in Japanese, Kiseki is a brand of cartridge invented by a Dutch importer Herman van den Dungen in the early 1980s. With the return in force of vinyl, the production was relaunched. They are known for a bass that is rarely heard on LPs.


KLH was the world's largest loudspeaker company, employing more than 500 people and shipping more than 30,000 loudspeakers a year to retailers and distributors on six continents.


Since 1946, Klipsch has been producing high quality audio products without compromise. As one of the premier speaker manufacturers in the United States, Klipsch is today the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance speakers and other entertainment products for home, professional theatre and commercial applications.


Hiroyasu Kondo founded Audio Note in Japan in 1976, and since then, Audio Note has been manufacturing high quality products for audio playback in Japan. Equipment produced by the Japanese company Audio Note now bears the Kondo logo.


Origin : France
Kora's objective, to be highly loyal! All their products are imagined, designed and manufactured in France in the Occitan region.


Origin: Australia, 2003
Kordz has become a highly respected and award-winning brand for its HDMI cables. It is committed to high standards to provide quality products around the word.


Founded in 1980, Krell has earned a reputation for technical innovation, production integrity and product excellence. The company has a rich history of product launches, each of which goes beyond the "last model year".


La Boite concept

Since its creation in 2008, la Boite concept has been mixing traditional hifi with digital technology, all in products with a contemporary design combining quality and innovation. The know-how has been passed down from generation to generation for 80 years and Marie Cagniard Yeramian, founder of the Siare brand.


Founded in October 1993, LAMM INDUSTRIES, INC. has earned a worldwide reputation for developing high quality audio devices with amazing sound characteristics.


In 2010, I decided to pursue this hobby and opened a factory shop producing DAC converters, amplifiers, preamplifiers and kits. I also run an electronics shop with components and kits.


After years of inactivity, LEAK was rescued by the IAG Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of audio products and owner of many classic British brands.


Leben Hi-Fi Stereo is a Japanese manufacturer of armature amplifiers. The designer and owner of Leben is Mr. Taku Hyodo, one of the eight best sound valve designers in Japan.


Origin: Italy, 1982
A pioneer in hybrid technology for audio, Lector designs and manufactures its products by hand in Italy. The founder, Mr. Romagnoli rigorously controls the settings of each product.


LEEDH is a French company meaning Laboratoire d'Etudes Et Développements Holophoniques. Created in 1976 by Gilles Milot, he subscribed in 2000 and returned in 2006 to develop his new HPAB loudspeaker concept.

Legacy Audio

Legacy Audio makes the best loudspeakers by hand. The quality standard of their flagship commercial dual-helix system is the same as that of the Studio bookshelf system. The speakers are renowned for setting the standard for performance in home theater and audiophile environments.


Origin : France, 2011
Patrick Cesaratto is the passionate founder of Legato. He is an electronic engineer who loves music above all and has been making amplifiers since the age of 14.

Lehmann audio

Origin: Germany, 1988
Norbert Lehmann, a young audio engineering student, founded Lehmann audio for "people to be happy while listening to music". Today his wish seems to have been fulfilled thanks to Lehmannaudio products.


For more than 70 years, Lenco has been synonymous with precision Swiss engineering in the field of hi-fi and consumer electronics.


Lexica has revolutionized the art of recording and playing music for over 40 years. Born of the same superior engineering skills and dedication to mastering audio as GRAMMY, Lexicon home electronics is equipped with cutting-edge technology that delivers unique sound.


Origin: South Korea, 1958
As the world's second largest TV manufacturer, LG is known for its innovations (telephone that receives live TV, TV set with integrated hard disk, etc.). LG also manufactures a lot of OLED tiles for itself and its competitors. Life is Good!


Lindemann is a German brand with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of loudspeakers, amplifiers and digital sources. Their products are developed by a team of passionate and experienced engineers in Germany and manufactured exclusively by ISO certified companies throughout Europe to meet the high quality requirements of their customers.


Origin: Germany, 1932
Lindy started selling electrical, then radio and finally electronic peripherals. After 3 generations of Lindenberg at the head of the company, Lindy has over 3000 products, from USB cables to professional KVM switches.

Line Magnetic

Origin: China 2005
Line Magnetic concentrates on the research and manufacture of tube amplifiers, but thanks to their technology they also manufacture high performance CD and DAC players.


Linn is an independent family business that has been designing and manufacturing hi-fi and audio systems with exceptional attention to detail for five years.


Loewe is a German company founded in 1923. The Loewe brothers decided to manufacture radios, televisions and hi-fi equipment. Today, Loewe is part of the Skytec Group and specialises in high-end products.


Logitech is a Swiss multinational company specialising in computer peripherals.