How to write my classified ad ?

First of all, meritocracy is part of AV-Market's philosophy.

Therefore, the more complete your ad is with several pictures, the more your description will be accurate and personal, the more your ad will be highlighted on the site.

Indeed, our algorithm takes into account the quality and fill rate of the ad itself as well as the seller's profile. In addition, our algorithm takes into account, the reviews, the number of sales, and the speed of response to questions.

Finally, a beautiful ad will attract and reassure your future buyers. Put yourself in their shoes.
The best ads will also be highlighted on our social networks & newsletter for more visibility!

How do you do it?

We will guide you during the creation process of your ad. You will find useful annotations on the left side of the page while creating your ad.

Title and description :

The title is very important, it must contain at least the brand and the model reference (or name). Title should also include additional information such as the colour, and the type of material.
Title and pictures of an ad will be the first element buyers sees and might be the only opportunity to invite customer to discover more about the equipment you wish to sell.

The description is essential, it allows buyers yo know all details and specs of an equipment, to make your buyers want to know more. We highly discourage you from copy and paste information from other websides because we believe that your own words and experience with the equipment is your biggest assets to appeal buyers.

Select the brand and category :

The brand and category are necessary to organize and classify ads. It make it easy for anyone to find the equipment they are looking for.

Photos, videos and pdf :

The pictures of your equipment are decisive. Take time to take beautiful, bright & sharp shots, well-framed. Pictures of the front, the back (connectors), close-ups, accessories, electrical outlets... Your photos will illustrate what you are describing, they will catch the eye, it's the first thing buyers look at!

Set your price :

It might be very difficult to define a price for second-hand equipment, it depends on the use, the age, the accessories, the guarantee etc... Nevertheless, here is an explanation to help you define the price of your equipment: At what price should I sell my material?

The condition of the equipment :

Like the brand and category, the condition of the equipment allows you to organise the ads. The equipment's condition must also be specified in the description and illustrated with pictures. Be careful, a sale can be cancelled if the condition of the equipment proves to be misleading.

Here are the possible conditions:
          - New, unused: the equipment has never been opened, 100% new.
          - Excellent condition, Impeccable aesthetics: the equipment has been opened but very little used, like new.
          - Good Condition, Traces of wear and tear: the equipment has been used and there are some traces due to use and/or time.
          - Condition 100% operational but aesthetically damaged: the equipment works perfectly but is damaged (scratches, scrapes...).
          - Bad condition, repairable: the equipment is damaged with one or more out of order function(s) but it can still be repaired.
          - Very Bad Condition, For parts : the title is explicit !

Other additional information:

Other information can make the difference between two similar ads, it is therefore important to let buyers know when the quipment has been bought. If you still have the original invoice or packaging . Note that this information might also be used as criteria for buyers' searches, so it is important to fill in this information correctly.

Where is your material?

Simply indicate the area where the equipment is currently located, if the buyer wishes to see or try the equipment. Please note that the exact address will only be revealed once the buyer has made the payment and you have accepted the order.

Details about delivery/collection:

Last step before your ad goes online. You indicate whether you agree to a buyer picking up the equipment from you and/or whether you wish to send the equipment via courier to the buyer. By default, both boxes are ticked.

Our team will review your ad as soon as possible in order to publish it. We try our best to validate the ads within 72 hours maximum time frame.

If you have any questions about the steps involved in placing an ad, please contact us.

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