How to publish a good ad ?


Bonne annonce

Our tips for publishing an attractive ad for your future buyers:

1/ Take the time to write your ad properly
2/ Put up photos that highlight the material

3/ Write a personal description and fill in the filters

1/ Take the time to write your ad properly

A well-constructed ad is an attractive ad that will sell faster. It is therefore better to take a little time (10 min) when placing your ad, especially on 3 points, the photos, the description and the price of the advert. The first two points will be developed below.
To fix the price of your ad, we advise you to go to the website
hifishark and put the name of your equipment in their search bar. You will find all the ads (sold or still for sale) from all over the world. This will allow you to find out the price of your equipment. Our page What price should I set my ad ? can also help you.
By the way, every month, we highlight the best ads on our social networks. At AV-Market, we believe in meritocracy!

2/ Put up photos that highlight the material

The photographs in your ad are very important. Indeed, you are selling second-hand equipment, so the more photos there are (near, far, zoom, details, packaging, accessories, remote controls, etc.), the more interested your buyer will be in reading your ad. It is essential to take clear photos with good lighting.
We accept png, jpg, jpeg and gif files up to 10 MB. You can also upload pdf's such as the user manual or the purchase invoice.

3/ Write a personal description and fill in the filters

Once you have captured your buyer's attention with your beautiful photos, all you have to do is write a description that will make them want to order. Your greatest asset is that you know the material. So make the most of it!
Tell them about your experience of using the equipment, its strengths and history, and explain why you are parting with it. To help you write the ad, you can answer these questions in the description:

  • Why are you selling this equipment? What is the new price?
  • Describe the sound, the strong points, the possible associations...
  • Are there any defects in the appearance of the equipment, any out of order functions...
  • Is it possible to listen at home?
  • What is the type of electrical outlet (Europe, UK, Italy, Denmark...)?
  • Do you still have the accessories, the user manual...

Finally, it is important to fill in the filters (category, brand, condition of the material, possible shipping, etc.). These filters are used to refine the searches of potential buyers. If your filter is not the right one, your buyers will not be able to find your ad, which is a shame!