How it works ? 6 steps easy process:

Post a classified ad 1 The seller creates a free account, takes several photos of his equipment and posts his ad in 5 min.
Discussion between enthusiasts, negotiation of the price 2 The buyer who also created an account, identifies himself, choose between directly ordering the material or entering into discussions with the seller, to ask questions and even negotiate the price of the equipment.
Order with sequestration of "trusted third party" payment 3 Following the discussions between buyer and seller, an agreement is reached so the buyer places an order by checking out and processing his payment details. AV-Market serves as a trusted third party, i.e. we will hold the fund related to this payment until the validation of the material received by the buyer.
Shipment of the material, sending tracking 4 The seller has then few days to ship the equipment and indicate the tracking reference to the buyer. Please note that buyer has the possibility (if accepted by the seller) to directly collect the equipment from the seller.
Good reception, material in conformity. Payment released to the seller's account. 5 Buyer confirms reception and conformity of the equipment received (automatic 14 days after shipment if not done by buyer). The hold on payment is released to the seller's account.
Accompaniment during the process, welcome to the community. 6 walk you throughout this process and will be able to answer all your questions. We allow you to communicate and exchange ideas as well as audio/video equipment in complete security, so don't hesitate any longer and join our community!