Who are we?

We are AV-Market, a European classifieds platform, specialised in HiFi and Home Cinema. We offer you, the ability to buy/sell used HiFi & Home Cinema equipment on our website: Papi's vintage amplifier in the attic, the subwoofer your neighbours can no longer stand, speakers that have become unused for your move up toward higher and setup, and so on and so forth...

Formerly known as HiFi-Occasion.com, the online reference since 2013, for all audio & video enthusiasts who want to resell their old equipment, or who are looking for that rare gem. AV-Market.com is the new go to online place. We would like to thank HiFi-Occasion's users for their loyalty and support. We have developed AV-Market to meet their expectations.

What we offer?


We suggest that consumer stop throwing away old equipment, and insted sell it on AV-Market. Whether the equipment are new, with traces of wear and tear or non-functional, consumer can create an ad for free. Why should you do that? To make some extra money (we are not going to lie to ourselves), while allowing others enthusiasts to offer themselves good equipment at a lower cost and above all to avoid throwing away, in order to encourage an economic, ecological and ethical circular process.Processus économique, écologique et éthique. Economie circulaire.

Indeed, selling or buying second-hand is very sustainable for the environment! You save resources raw materials, and you reduce pollution by avoiding the construction of new equipment. Killing two birds with one stone! Buying vintage pre-owned equipment is even classier than buying new vintage! What do you think about that?

What's AV-Market's biggest selling point?

Echanges entre passionnés de la Hifi Home CinémaWe favour the human side. You can talk to the seller, exchange with enthusiasts, ask for advice. On AV-Market you will find products that deserve reflection and discussion. Nowadays, consumer market is made in a way to buy too much and too fast, sales, promotions, flash sales, black friday... Every merchant sells the same thing, more or less at the same price, whereas on AV-Market.com will allow you to find a lot of nuggets sold nowhere else.

We will overview all this with security. Currently, the issue with second-hand websides is fraud attempts. So, at AV-Market we decided to validate the email adress of all our users at registration, while also reviewing all ad posted one by one. Then, while an order is processed, we will hold the fund from payment on a third party account, while the seller sends the order and the buyer receives and validates what has been received, before releasing the payment.

Finally, we are here for you. This is no joke. We will always be there to respond your requests. It's reassuring, isn't it!

So it's free?

The post of ad is free, but when a sale takes place, we take a small commission of 7% from the price of the ad. We are constantly working on the webside development, to offer you more and more options. As my father used to say: 'every Job deserves a salary!'

Oh yes! We also help you with the transport labels (only available in France and Spain at the moment), really, really cheaper than if you bought them directly from the carrier's site. Give it a try, you'll see...

In the meantime, we wish you a good surfing experience on AV-Market.com.

Martin from AV-Market.com