AV-Market has one watchword: your safety!


Transaction sécurisée

In order to avoid any attempts at fraud, there are 2 instructions to follow:

1/ Chat on the AV-Market messaging system
2/ Sell and buy by secure payment

1/ Chat on the AV-Market messaging system

AV-Market has its own e-mail system. This allows you to communicate with other users without them knowing your personal details in complete security.
However, we do give our users the opportunity to pass on their mobile phone numbers in order to be able to exchange information on materials for sale or purchase more quickly. The creation of an account on AV-Market is mandatory to use the messaging system.

The most frequently asked questions about messaging:

How to send messages?

You can send a message to the seller of an ad you are interested in by clicking on "Contact the seller" directly on the ad. Finally, by selecting a user's first name, you can go directly to their profile. There, you have a button "Contact me" in order to send him a message.

How to access the messaging system and reply to a message?

After creating your account, click on your first name at the top of the page and you will find the menu. Then select "Messages" to access your mailbox. When a user sends you a message, you will receive an automatic email with a button to access your mailbox directly.

How do I send attachments (photos) via secure messaging?

It is currently not possible to send attachments via the email system but this will soon be the case. Now, if you wish, for example, to send other photos of your equipment, we invite you to put these photos directly on the ad, by modifying your ad, so that these photos benefit all your potential buyers.

I have received a suspicious message. What should I do?

Unfortunately, some fraudsters slip through the cracks of our security net! They will try to chat with you via another channel than AV-Market's secure messaging system. They know that if they stay on AV-Market, they can't do anything. So stay on the secure messaging system. If you have any doubts about the intention of the user you are talking to, please contact us so that our teams can investigate the user.

2/ Sell and buy by secure payment

AV-Market secures your payments by acting as a trusted third party, so your money is safe throughout the order process. On the "How does it work?" page you can find out how AV-Market works. Currently, payment for an ad is only possible by credit card, but bank transfer will soon be available. To order the material of an ad, you just have to click on the "Order" button.

The most frequently asked questions about secure payment:

I am a buyer, how does the secure payment work?

You are interested in an ad, you click on the "Order" button. You enter your card number to create an imprint (no debit). Your bank sends you an SMS or you connect to your bank's application to authorise the purchase. Please note: this is an imprint of your card, so the payment on the SMS or application will be €0. Once the purchase is authorized, your seller has a maximum of 4 days (96 hours) to accept or refuse your order. If he refuses, the payment is cancelled, you are never debited. If he accepts, you are debited and the payment is sent to AV-Market. Once the material has been received and conforms to the ad, the payment is released to the seller. You are therefore protected throughout your order.

I am a seller, I have no news from my buyer, how can I receive payment for my sale?

The buyer has 2 weeks (14 days) to click on the button "Material conforms" or contact the seller if there is a problem with the material received. If the buyer does not contact the seller within 2 weeks, the payment is automatically sent to the seller.

Is there a charge for secure payment?

No, this is a free service of AV-Market. We believe it is essential and normal that you feel safe on our site.

Is the secure payment also present when purchasing transport labels?

Yes, the payment is secure but as it is a direct payment, the payment is not sequestered. As soon as the payment is made, you will receive the label to print and stick on the parcel.