Two Octave MRE130 2 Super Black Box mono amps


# Two Octave MRE130 mono amps 2 Super Black Box 3 tube sets (one new)

You have to have the space to accommodate these two amplifiers and their two dynamic reserves! But if you do... you're in luck! This complete set-up allows you to benefit from the very best in tube amps. Exceptional dynamics, even with demanding or very demanding loudspeakers. Full bass and clean, sparkling highs at low, high or very high volumes. No distortion. The system is based on 2 Octave MRE 130 amplifiers whose 8 KT 88 tubes have been replaced by their big brothers KT120 (with careful pairing and the blessing and advice of Octave engineers). The result is breathtaking (come and listen).

### On the technical front

Mono-balanced amplifiers use control electronics to activate the power tubes. This new concept improves impulse response for complex loads, and reduces distortion at low load impedances. Like all OCTAVE devices, the MRE 130 is equipped with an inrush current limiter to protect the tubes from current peaks occurring during start-up. Heating and operating voltage are adjusted slowly to full power, considerably extending tube life.
In parallel, the power amplifier is monitored by an electronic fuse. In the event of saturation, short-circuiting of the loudspeaker outputs or tube faults, the amplifiers are automatically switched off, preventing damage to the loudspeakers or power amplifier electronics.

### Features

Lamps 4 x 6550 per power amplifier
Black aluminum
Expansion modules: 2 Super Black Boxes

Technical specifications

* Output power 130 W at 4 Ω
* Frequency range
* 10 Hz - 80 kHz / ± 0.5 dB
* Distortion factor < 0.1% at 10 W and 4 Ω
* Signal-to-noise ratio > 100 dB
* Minimum load impedance 2 Ω
* Input amplification/sensitivity 30 dB / 1 V


* 1 × RCA per amp
* 1 × XLR input per amp

* Designed and manufactured in Germany
* Unit dimensions (H x W x D) 176 x 485 x 408 mm
* Unit weight 22.7 kg
* Hybrid technology (transistor/tube)
* Nominal power 130 W
* RMS power at 4 Ω 130 W
* Minimum impedance 2 Ω
* Amplification class: Class AB
* BIAS adjustment, power management
* Distortion 0.1% at 10 W at 4 Ω
* Frequency response 10 Hz - 80 kHz / ± 0.5 dB
* Signal-to-noise ratio 100 dB

Power cables, 3 mm flathead screwdriver for BIAS adjustment, one set of KT120 100-hour tubes, one spare set of KT88/6550 tubes, one set of KT120 tubes, all brand-new and sealed All original packaging.

Like the Black Box, the Super Black Box is an external power supply amplifier designed for V40, V 50, V 70, V80, V110 integrated amplifiers and RE 280 MK2 and MRE 130 power amplifiers, but with even greater capacity. Black Boxes increase the power supply storage capacity of power amplifiers, resulting in significantly higher pulse power for the output stages. But that's not their main advantage. Above all, they make power amplifiers considerably less load-dependent.

Depending on the type of loudspeaker, the sound is much more sovereign. Resolution and finesse gain in intensity. The fundamental sound achieves unrivalled realism and expressiveness. Vocal ranges become cleaner, clearer and more natural. Black Boxes can be adapted to any loudspeaker. The amplifier "grows" with the loudspeaker, i.e. as a general rule, the greater the sound reserves of the loudspeaker or system, the greater the potential for optimization. This is why Super Black Boxes are mainly recommended for high-end loudspeakers. With the Super Black Box, common criteria such as impedance and efficiency become secondary: the gain in amplifier stability is such that almost any loudspeaker can be used.

Condition of equipment

Condition of equipment :

  • Excellent Condition, Impeccable aesthetics

Model & finish

Model :

  • MRE 130

Colour :

  • Black

Weight & dimensions

Weight (kg) :

  • 25

Dimensions :

  • 36*45*21 cm

Equipment background

Date of purchase :

  • 2019

Equipment display

Pick up / Delivery


Octave Audio

The secret of their success is the OCTAVE hybrid technology. It is the optimal synthesis of traditional tubular technology and innovative semiconductor-based electronics.

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