You will find in this category many announcements of hifi and home-cinema speakers proposed by members. These ads are classified by type of speakers and loudspeakers, such as: bookshelf speakers, satellite speakers, floorstanding speakers, central voices for home cinema, surround speakers and subwoofers. Many brands are already present in the hifi-occasion.com ads. French brands such as Cabasse, Triangle, Focal, Elipson, Jean-Marie Reynaud or Waterfall, but also English brands such as Bowers and Wilkins, Linn, Monitor Audio, Naim. This list is not exhaustive since you will find almost everything that exists or has existed such as Avant-Garde, Tangent, Eltax, Bose, Q Acoustics, Jamo, Klipsch, Dali, Davis Acoustique, Sonus-Faber and many others.

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All the classified ads for used speakers

All these ads for speakers are offered by members of the AV-Market.com community. In general, individuals who, like you, are lovers of image and sound but also proposed by professionals, shops or e-commerce sites who offer here their reconditioned / refurbished devices or their display models.