DOMONT, France


Hello to all audiophiles, I am an engineer in applied electro-acoustics. I have been Sales Manager of the Professional Sector of ELIPSON since 1987 (French brand known worldwide of hi-fi and Pro loudspeakers). Then, at the end of 1988, I was Sales Engineer for the Professional sector of FOCAL/JMLab, which everyone knows. The FOCAL Proline name was then overshadowed by the creation (early 1991) of DIVATECH, my own monitor manufacturing company (professional loudspeakers for recording studios, post sync, radio/broadcasting, OB vans and power and prestige sound systems). Hence my presence on AV-MARKET where I offer for sale coherent marriages of devices, unitary references as well as complete systems. I voluntarily avoid proposing too professional and/or esoteric hi-fi equipment with too high prices. I answer on the other hand to any type of audio request (consulting and diagnosis included) within my specialized cabinet: AUDIOMONT, locally and specifically recognized. My contact for you (I hope it is displayed in my AV-MARKET ads) is: [hidden by AV-Market] and [hidden by AV-Market] good audiophile holidays to all.